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Full Sail University is a great place to earn a business certificate for creative, forward-thinking people. Our programs are designed to help students become lifelong learners who stay ahead of the curve with critical thinking skills and practical know-how. You’ll learn real-world skills from professors who are active in their field and know how business is really done.Programs Include:

Business Undergraduate Certificate – Online

The Business undergraduate certificate program’s coursework begins with an introduction to the fundamentals of business, management, and marketing. Students will be introduced to methods for collecting and analyzing data to make business decisions and learn about basic business law concepts, including contracts, legal entities, and liability.

Courses Include:

  • Business Management
  • Data Analysis and Reporting
  • Business Law

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Digital Marketing Graduate Certificate – Online

The Digital Marketing graduate certificate provide an introductory exploration of digital marketing methodologies, analytics, marketing analysis, and new media.

Courses Include:

  • Digital Marketing Fundamentals
  • New Media Marketing
  • Digital Analytics and Optimization

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Marketing Undergraduate Certificate – Online

The Marketing certificate curriculum is designed to equip students with foundational skills in marketing as they build their understanding of business practices. Topics include an overview of business in the entertainment and media industries as well as an exploration of the principles of marketing, branding, and storytelling. Students will gain the strategy and technique in order to conduct authentic marketing research and interpret data to reach actionable solutions.

Courses Include:

  • Marketing Research
  • Storytelling for Marketing
  • Fundamentals of Web Design

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