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Digital Marketing Content Creation, Promotion, and Review

From social media marketing to pay per click advertising, the team at EYStudios is ready to create, promote and analyze your digital marketing campaigns to help boost your website traffic and your bottom line.

Expert Consultation via Dedicated Digital Account Manager

Whether it’s weekly, biweekly or monthly calls, our team is happy to work with your schedule to provide the expert consultation you need to help grow your ecommerce business.

Improve Overall Site Performance & User Experience

If customers can’t navigate your website and properly checkout, you’re losing business. Our talented team of UX designers work diligently to improve your websites design to help make the most of your business.

Monthly Analytics Reporting

Our Digital Account Managers work to create detailed analytics reporting each month to showcase your website’s growth. Our team uses those analytics to help strategize for the next month’s tasks to help improve the site.

24/7 Emergency Coverage

If your site is having issues and your customers can not check out, our team is ready to help no matter what time of day. We’ll be ready to solve your emergency and get your site back to selling products ASAP.


All the services you want and none that you don’t.

  • Design
  • Development
  • eCommerce Consultation
  • Q/A And Testing
  • Technical Account Management
  • Digital Marketing Services


PPC Services

EYStudios provides the ability to execute and manage all elements of your PPC Marketing efforts in order to get the most consistent and successful ROI with our dedicated PPC Marketing Team.

Email Marketing

Your database of customers is a powerful tool that many merchants are not taking advantage of. Our Email Marketing Team will help you grow and capitalize on your list of customers!

Search Engine Optimization

Improve your site’s search rankings with optimizations and recommendations from our team!

Social Media Marketing

Our expert Social Media Marketing Team will handle all the planning, management, execution and reporting, across all social media platforms, for all your social marketing needs.


On Runway, your business is partnered with one of our professional digital account managers to analyze your business needs, create a digital strategy that benefits your goals and provide monthly analytics to measure your success along the way.

The rigors and demands of running an eCommerce store can be intense. Having a dialed-in Runway account manager on your side makes a world of difference when you realize they share the same priorities you have. All of our folks are experienced professionals that are fun to work with. You’ll enjoy ease of communication around an organized attack-plan for each month’s tasks.


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