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Fast Track Your Career with our Digital Marketing Science certificate program

Learn to drive brands forward with our 10-week online Digital Marketing Science certificate program. Learn from industry experts to apply practical training and technical certifications on the job. This is your chance to transform brands with your passion for marketing, technology and visionary direction.  Payment plans available.ENROLL NOW

What will you learn?

When you complete our online Digital Marketing certificate program, in addition to the the industry-relevant skills you’ll learn below, you will have created a strategic digital marketing playbook, refined by industry expert feedback, to use as your portfolio.MODULE 1

Marketing in the Digital Age
Explore the fundamentals of marketing, from guiding the customer journey to creating cohesive strategy across channels.

Mapping Strategy to Tactics
Develop effective marketing strategies based on competitive analysis, customer personas, message mapping and original content.MODULE 3

Mastering Digital Marketing Channels
Build confidence in utilizing marketing tactics like SEO, paid search and social, A/B testing and full funnel engagement.

Using Marketing Technology
Become proficient with necessary technology such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, Hubspot, marketing automation and the Martech stack.RESULTS

Highlight your robust skills in digital marketing and in-demand technology certifications. Prove your expertise and bring a heightened level of value to current and future employers.


When you successfully complete our course, you’ll earn your Digital Marketing Science certificate of completion along with three in-demand technology certifications.

Your crafted online learning experience

Benefit from hands-on learning

On-demand content and project
feedback from industry

Gain in-demand skills

Earn credentials in Google Ads,
Google Analytics and Hubspot
Email Marketing

Engage in real time with peers

Weekly group sessions
— live and online

Our graduates are making an impact. Now it’s your turn.

See where your online digital marketing certificate can take you.

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Generic Strategies & Strategic Fit

Getting into the core tools that everyone needs in their Strategy Toolkit, it is impossible to ignore the impact that Michael Porter had on Business Strategy in the 1970s. For an introduction to this series and links to the other articles please read my previous article here. Porter developed several tools that were revolutionary in the way they made businesses think about their positioning in the market, or their Strategic Fit. We will discuss two other tools in the next article, but we start with Porter’s 3 Generic Strategies.

3 (or is it 4?) Generic Strategies Matrix

Although called the 3 Generic Strategies, named for the main strategies of DifferentiationOverall Cost Leadership, and Focus, the latter is actually broken down into Cost-Focus and Differentiation-Focus, as shown in the graphic below.

No alt text provided for this image

It is important to understand the term Focus here – it is being specific about the market you serve. For example, centring on a subset of customers with specific desires. The first two (top row) are industry-wide, while Focus is particular to a segment. Looking vertically, Differentiation is uniqueness perceived by the customer and Cost Leadership is just that – lowest cost at all times.

1.    Differentiation – make your products or services distinctly different from your competitors. No ‘me too’ here, this is where you clearly set out your stall to be different and, hopefully, attract customers because they prefer your solution. Think of Lexus or Mercedes (or most large luxury brands) in the automotive industry.

2.    Overall Cost Leadership – seems pretty clear, be the low-cost solution at all times. Walmart and other big-box retailers come to mind.

3.    Differentiation Focus – still pursuing differentiation but for a specific sub-set of customers within a given market. Great examples are Porsche and Lamborghini, who focus specifically on high-end sports car enthusiasts with a limited set of products, as opposed to the luxury cars mentioned earlier. (One could argue that both are moving away from this focus with the addition of SUVs and sedans to their line-ups!)

4.    Cost Focus – just like overall cost leadership, but again, for a specific market. Ikea is one of the best examples of this, focusing on low-cost home décor, though self-service and self-assembly to keep costs down. Some of my students argue that they are moving away from overall cost leadership and are no longer the low-cost leader they once were. They also now provide value-added services like delivery and assembly (through sub-contractors, however).

The big warning clearly marked in this chart is to beware of being “stuck in the middle” (!) There is nothing worse than a lack of clarity when it comes to your market focus. Looking at the examples above, Porsche and Ikea (and many others) need to be careful as they move amongst these strategies in order not to get stuck in the middle!

 Strategic Fit

The 3 Generic Strategies is an exceedingly simple way to look at how you can place products or services into your market. A concept that has arisen more recently and gained popularity for its usefulness is that of Strategic Fit, or simply put, how your product or service sits within the market. Perhaps think of this model is an outside-in view, where the generic strategies are inside, looking out.

 There are 4 types of Strategic Fit:

  1. Commodity strategy – targets a mass market with a single, standardised product. There is low substitution cost in this kind of strategy, customers can start buying Scott vs Charmin toilet paper with no extra effort (they’re next to each other on the shelves). Price is often the main driver in choosing commodity products or services.
  2. Segmentation strategy – targets a segmented market with a range of products, geared to each of the different segments. Here we see large fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies like Proctor & Gamble and Unilever. They have virtually everything you need as a consumer, broken down in segments; low-cost/generic brand right up to high-end (and high priced!) products targeting status sensitive consumers.
  3. Niche strategy – targets a small isolated market segment with a sharply delineated product. A niche is a well-defined sub-segment of a larger market. Think about QuickBooks and its success in small to medium businesses (SMBs), versus larger packages used by large companies. SMBs can afford Oracle or SAP and QuickBooks is not powerful enough for the big boys.
  4. Customisation strategy – (the ultimate in both niching and segmentation) designs or tailors each specific product to one particular need. A market of one. If you hire an architect to design you a home for scratch, that is full customisation for a niche segment of one family.

 I think applying these two views at the same time as a single tool provides the most complete view of how your products or services are offered to and sit in the market(s) you serve.

 I’d love to hear your feedback and don’t hesitate to get in touch if there is a particular topic you would like to see in this series or to discuss directly!

Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing Online

No GMAT for online MBA programs. Apply today!

Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing Online

This program provides the practical knowledge necessary to understand demographically diverse populations while covering all aspects of promotion, account management, advertising, sales, and global marketing adaptable to lead marketing roles in any business.Request InformationHome  »  Online Programs  »  Business Programs  »  Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing Online


Program Overview

Get to Know Our 100% Online MBA in Marketing

The 100% online MBA in Marketing degree from St. Thomas University conveys a wide variety of general business skills, along with specialized knowledge of consumer psychology, communication and analysis, and decision-making skills.

$19,440*Total Tuition

as few as 12 monthsProgram Duration

36-45Credit Hours

The MBA core curriculum emphasizes a broad range of skills in managerial accounting, policy and planning, strategy systems, international business, data analytics, financial management, and organizational behavior. Plus, you will benefit from more specialized business courses in entrepreneurship, strategic brand management, and marketing of services.

This quality marketing MBA online program is structured specifically for working professionals, with accelerated courses delivered in a convenient format ideal for a busy lifestyle. Coursework is taught by faculty with real-world experience. Choose from six start dates each year and finish your business master’s degree in as few as 12 months.

Note: The MBA in Marketing online program is comprised of 36 credit hours. However, an additional nine credit hours of foundation courses may be required based on a review of transcripts.[close-]Tuition


Affordable Tuition Only $19,440 at STU

Tuition for the MBA – Marketing online degree program is the same for in-state and out-of-state students and can be paid by the course. Foundation courses (if needed) are $515 per credit hour. The program consists of 12 courses for a total of 36 credit hours. Each course has a technology fee as noted in the below table. The total tuition shown is inclusive of the fees.Tuition Per Credit HourTechnology Fee Per CourseProgram TuitionTuition$515$75$19,440*

*Tuition costs are subject to change at any time.[close-]Calendar


Our Application Deadlines and Course Schedules

The MBA – Marketing program is delivered in an online format ideal for working professionals, conveniently featuring multiple start dates each year. Choose the start date that is best for you.SessionProgram Start DateApplication DeadlineDocument DeadlineRegistration DeadlineTuition DeadlineSummer 2 202106/26/2106/13/2106/16/2106/18/2106/21/21Fall 1 202108/21/2108/09/2108/12/2108/13/2108/16/21Fall 2 202110/16/2110/04/2110/07/2110/08/2110/11/21Spring 1 202201/08/2212/23/2112/28/2112/30/2101/03/22[close-]Admissions


Qualifications for Our Online MBA in Marketing Program

Our very reasonable admission requirements allow students from diverse academic backgrounds greater access to the MBA – Marketing online program. You must hold an undergraduate degree and submit transcripts from all institutions previously attended, along with a resume.

MBA Online Admission Requirements

The following criteria are used for admission to MBA online programs, based on cumulative undergraduate GPA.

  • 2.75 or greater GPA—Must submit transcripts and resume. No GMAT.
  • 2.5 to 2.749 GPA—Must submit transcripts and resume and have at least three years of progressive administrative work experience. No GMAT.
  • 2.33 to 2.49 GPA—Must submit transcripts, resume, and have at least four years of progressive administrative work experience. No GMAT.

Official transcripts and all other documents should be sent to:St. Thomas University, Office of Admissions
16401 NW 37th Ave., Mimi Dooner Hall
Miami Gardens, FL 33054-6459

Transcripts delivered via digital transcript services EScrip and Parchment should be emailed to[close-]Courses


Read About Our MBA in Marketing Online Classes

The MBA – Marketing online curriculum is comprised of 12-15 courses (36-45 credit hours), including 24 credit hours of core courses, 12 credit hours of concentration courses, and up to nine credit hours of foundation courses based on a review of transcripts.

Courses in this program are seven weeks long. Courses during the two summer terms, however, are six weeks long.

Expand All [+]Core Courses 
Expand [+]
Concentration Courses 
Expand [+]
Foundation Courses 
Expand [+]

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Business CertificatesOnline

Be ready for what’s next.

Full Sail University is a great place to earn a business certificate for creative, forward-thinking people. Our programs are designed to help students become lifelong learners who stay ahead of the curve with critical thinking skills and practical know-how. You’ll learn real-world skills from professors who are active in their field and know how business is really done.Programs Include:

Business Undergraduate Certificate – Online

The Business undergraduate certificate program’s coursework begins with an introduction to the fundamentals of business, management, and marketing. Students will be introduced to methods for collecting and analyzing data to make business decisions and learn about basic business law concepts, including contracts, legal entities, and liability.

Courses Include:

  • Business Management
  • Data Analysis and Reporting
  • Business Law

Request Additional Information

Digital Marketing Graduate Certificate – Online

The Digital Marketing graduate certificate provide an introductory exploration of digital marketing methodologies, analytics, marketing analysis, and new media.

Courses Include:

  • Digital Marketing Fundamentals
  • New Media Marketing
  • Digital Analytics and Optimization

Request Additional Information

Marketing Undergraduate Certificate – Online

The Marketing certificate curriculum is designed to equip students with foundational skills in marketing as they build their understanding of business practices. Topics include an overview of business in the entertainment and media industries as well as an exploration of the principles of marketing, branding, and storytelling. Students will gain the strategy and technique in order to conduct authentic marketing research and interpret data to reach actionable solutions.

Courses Include:

  • Marketing Research
  • Storytelling for Marketing
  • Fundamentals of Web Design

Request Additional InformationRequest Info

Marketing porters

Introducing Google Marketing Platform, a unified advertising and analytics platform for smarter marketing and better results.

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Easy-to-use tools for small businesses

Get free tools to make the most of your marketing, from site and app analytics to intuitive testing and more.See small-business solutions

Easy-to-use tools for small businesses

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Our Adidas teams work together in one environment where we can see audience insights, what creative we’re running and where, how it’s performing, and make changes almost in real time.

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Integrated solutions for every marketer.

Faster, smarter marketing

Introducing Google Marketing Platform, a unified advertising and analytics platform for smarter marketing and better results.

Sign in to Google Marketing Platform

Easy-to-use tools for small businesses

Get free tools to make the most of your marketing, from site and app analytics to intuitive testing and more.See small-business solutions

Easy-to-use tools for small businesses

Advanced solutions for large enterprises

Make deeper customer connections to drive better marketing results with a complete set of advertising and analytics solutions.See enterprise solutions

Advanced solutions for large enterprises

Our Adidas teams work together in one environment where we can see audience insights, what creative we’re running and where, how it’s performing, and make changes almost in real time.

Chris Murphy, Head of Digital Experience, Adidas

Integrated solutions for every marketer.

Digital Marketing Content Creation, Promotion, and Review

From social media marketing to pay per click advertising, the team at EYStudios is ready to create, promote and analyze your digital marketing campaigns to help boost your website traffic and your bottom line.

Expert Consultation via Dedicated Digital Account Manager

Whether it’s weekly, biweekly or monthly calls, our team is happy to work with your schedule to provide the expert consultation you need to help grow your ecommerce business.

Improve Overall Site Performance & User Experience

If customers can’t navigate your website and properly checkout, you’re losing business. Our talented team of UX designers work diligently to improve your websites design to help make the most of your business.

Monthly Analytics Reporting

Our Digital Account Managers work to create detailed analytics reporting each month to showcase your website’s growth. Our team uses those analytics to help strategize for the next month’s tasks to help improve the site.

24/7 Emergency Coverage

If your site is having issues and your customers can not check out, our team is ready to help no matter what time of day. We’ll be ready to solve your emergency and get your site back to selling products ASAP.


All the services you want and none that you don’t.

  • Design
  • Development
  • eCommerce Consultation
  • Q/A And Testing
  • Technical Account Management
  • Digital Marketing Services


PPC Services

EYStudios provides the ability to execute and manage all elements of your PPC Marketing efforts in order to get the most consistent and successful ROI with our dedicated PPC Marketing Team.

Email Marketing

Your database of customers is a powerful tool that many merchants are not taking advantage of. Our Email Marketing Team will help you grow and capitalize on your list of customers!

Search Engine Optimization

Improve your site’s search rankings with optimizations and recommendations from our team!

Social Media Marketing

Our expert Social Media Marketing Team will handle all the planning, management, execution and reporting, across all social media platforms, for all your social marketing needs.


On Runway, your business is partnered with one of our professional digital account managers to analyze your business needs, create a digital strategy that benefits your goals and provide monthly analytics to measure your success along the way.

The rigors and demands of running an eCommerce store can be intense. Having a dialed-in Runway account manager on your side makes a world of difference when you realize they share the same priorities you have. All of our folks are experienced professionals that are fun to work with. You’ll enjoy ease of communication around an organized attack-plan for each month’s tasks.

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